We raise Cornish/Rock cross broiler chickens on rotational pasture and locally-grown grain. Our birds are extremely flavorful, tender, nutritionally superior, and a comparable product cannot be bought in a store. Our chicks are locally hatched. They begin living outside and eating grass as soon as the weather is suitable (chicks are usually on pasture at 2-3 weeks). In just one year, without the use of machinery of any kind, we were able to turn seven acres of scrub land into beautiful pasture by intensively grazing it with chickens and sheep. Our chickens range in size from3-6 lbs. Our birds are processed in a mobile NY State Certified facility on our farm, where they are well cared for at slaughter. Our poultry live on and eat from the field- they are not generally available during the winter.

We raise Emden and Toulouse geese on rotational pasture. Geese available by pre-order only in the 2017 season.

Poultry is available: Through the Lebanon Valley Cooperative Meat CSA, and wholesale by order. 

Note to wholesale customers: Our poultry is grown in small batches. Please contact us well ahead of when you would like to purchase poultry, so that we can amend our production schedule to accommodate your needs. Ask us about our rare, specialty birds.