We raise mixed breed heritage pigs, with a focus on rare breeds (Red Wattle, Large Black, Berkshire) that forage exceptionally well. Our pigs forage year round on field and forest. We feed our pigs a healthy, varied diet. We milk-feed our pigs local, grass-fed Jersey milk and cream. This gives our pork its distinctive creamy flavor, fine marbling, and dense, delicious fat. We graze rotationally, which rejuvenates our land, rather than degrading it, simultaneously providing the (naturally curious) pigs new things to explore and the highest quality forage possible. We estimate that woodland forage makes up about 30-90% of the pigs’ diet (depending upon the time of year). We loosely follow Italian dairy-fed, and Spanish hog raising methods which emphasize woodland forage and acorns as a primary feed source.

Our pork is available through the Lebanon Valley Cooperative Meat CSA, and wholesale to businesses and individuals.  A list of restaurants and butcher shops where you can find our pork is available on this site.

Note to wholesale customers: We sell whole animals in a variety of sizes, from suckling pigs up to charcuterie hogs. We raise, various breeds and can recommend a breed/individual pig to meet the needs of your project. We have regular transport to NYC for wholesale delivery. Please contact us for pricing and availability.