At Climbing Tree Farm we keep our animals true to their instincts - letting our pigs root, our chickens range, our sheep and cows graze. We rotationally graze our animals on pasture and woodland. Our animals harvest a huge amount of food on their own - by grazing the natural landscape.  We work with local grass-fed dairies and cheese makers to feed our pigs whey, and milk. We are conscientious stewards of our land and our animals.
We're proud of every animal we raise, and every product we sell.

We're located in upstate New York right on the Massachusetts border due east of Albany,  convenient for the MassPike to Boston or the Taconic to New York City. Our products are enjoyed throughout the Berkshires and Western Massachusetts, down in New York City and up in Vermont. We have regular transport to NYC for wholesale deliveries.


Climbing Tree Farm

436 West Hill Road

New Lebanon

NY 12125


Colby and Schuyler Gail set out to grow food for their family. Always gardeners, through an unusual twist of fate, they fell into farming and have been enjoying life and their farming adventures since. Though they set out to raise food for their immediate family, in many ways, farming has encouraged them to engage with the community, and they now their family has grown to include many of their customers and farming partners.

Colby, a child of Utah and Oregon, is continuously dumbstruck by the vigor and tenacity of plant life here in New York state. Colby is the main labor force. He happily works outside, often, from sun-up to well past sun-down. Colby has an innate sense with our animals, who adore him. His calmness and patience allow the animals to live almost entirely stress-free lives. Colby appreciates every minute on the farm, often stopping to scratch a pig's belly and to carefully observe the animals. 

Schuyler is the farm's main scribe, photographer, chicken wrangler, and spokeswoman.  She handles the bulk of the client contact, meat processing appointments, ordering, poultry management, marketing and scheduling while running the household. She always works with a kid (or two) in tow (you'll notice that when you call and hear a kid playing the drums in the background). She sees the animals as a natural extension of mothering.

Together Colby and Schuyler love the creative process of farming- fashioning new contraptions, testing farm-y theories, making something from nothing, and that no two days are EVER the same. In many ways they are opposites, but together the two make a complete team.

Little boy and little girl experience the wonders of childhood on a farm daily. Fluffy chicks, goslings, turkey poults, lambs, piglets- these kids are lovers of all things cute and baby. With trees to climb, dirt to dig in (and sometimes eat), and parents who are usually home (though usually working)- these kids are faring well.